It has been a huge long Fat minute since I have blogged anything at all…..  Busy life turned into at home, with my awesome 5 kids and Hubby.  Now my computer Muahahaha…..  So here I am!!

So I live on the outside of a super small town with a huge bang.  what i mean is, we have 24,000 people, the 227th largest city in California.  Yet our City limits are all within a few short miles.  I can drive from one side to the other within 5-10 minutes depending what direction your going.  Now we have a Walmart, that is everyone’s main store, we also have a Save Mart, that is it!  Sure we have fast food etc.

The people of our community as well as others that are coming to our huge Walmart for a small town hahaha….  Hoarding like you would not believe!  So all the panic peeps are literally buying stuff they most likely will not use.  Are you kidding me its Nuts!  Its so bad they needed 1,000 rolls of toilet paper to stick in the freezer and eat for later.  As a joke my husband Bought a Bidet?  “What”….  Oh yes he did!  I find it very comical.  Then again at least he does not need the TP.  Seriously there were people that were hoarding soda and chips?  Wha….  Look if Zombies came out and started eating people I would want “Not Chips and Soda”.  Merely would want, seeds to plant, flour, sugar, beans, rice bla bla blah…

Then there were the smart peeps…  Buying the good shit!  Then there I was, buahahahaha “I am already ready for Zombies”.  Honestly i kinda felt bad walking at Walmart laughing at people who were in a panic buying random stuff.

On a serious note..  I understand that this Corona or covid-19, or “The RONA”, can be very dangerous and or pose serious health conditions.  For those over the age of 70 or those under the age of 10, or those who have a previous or underlying health condition.  Honestly most people have no clue that they even have or had it, some have no symptoms at all.  I have noticed the news calling it a virus, then flyers they have at health clinics etc.  State that it is a disease?  Hmm that really twisted my train of thought.  Also the fact that it is not new, yet everyone is calling it new.  I seriously think that the “RONA” could be a SARS on Roids (steroids).

They are obviously from the same family, the same meds work for both, very interesting.  Now I am no expert, I am no conspiracy theorist.  If I was either I would be asking is this a man made mutated virus that can cause a Disease in the future?  Also hypothetically it was, could it be a form of population control?  Okay, Okay, I am just pulling your leg… Or am I?

I also think the death rate is at a very low percentage and to me personally.  I still think that the Flu is worse.  Clearly we do not have a ton of information and statistics just yet.  So far the flu percentage has killed more people.  Then when I think okay 20,000 people roughly die from the flu a year.  Then you have the “RONA” out of 170,000 confirmed cases, there was 7,000 estimated deaths in 150 countries.  So technically that is a lower death rate.  When you look at the flu more people get it, more people die from it.  However the CDC has been collecting flu data for years.  2018-2019 estimated 35.5 million people got Influenza, 16.5 million saw a provider, 490,600 hospitalized, 34,600 deaths.  Now the way I see it “my own thoughts, not factual” is, the more numbers you have the easier to track.  When your talking in the millions, I can totally see this “RONA” having the numbers to scare people.  The numbers are low and it is a kinda fairly new thing.  I also think if it was in the Millions it would roughly have the same statistics that the Influenza has every year.

Stay home, wash your hands, keep your kids home, play games, do crafts.  Most important enjoy your family.  I have 5 kids and we have been having a blast.  All except of course our 16 year old Vampire Teenage daughter.  I will never understand the being in bed all day on the phone being a Vampire and I think I haven’t even seen her a full hour in this 1 1/2 week so far.